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Monday, 4 March 2013

A Busy Weekend!

Having spent most of last week split between whether or not to make the journey to North Yorkshire to go cross country schooling, I decided on Saturday morning to go! It was a beautiful, crisp morning, and seemed a shame after all the nasty wet & cold weather not to take advantage... plus it was something not only different to do, but also something that was needed for the start of the season.

Around 11am we set off on the road to Breckenbrough; around 1 hour 20 minute drive. All very excited, I decided to take a walk around the fields to see what there was to jump, what would be challenging, what was good for confidence and what we could do that we hadn't seen before. There was plenty of choice with skinnies, ditches, water jumps, corners and stairs!

I warmed Thomas up on the nice sand gallops that were available, but keeping him steady as he isn't galloping fit at the moment. Popping a few logs and smaller & straightforward fences, I decided to have a go at a ditch. This went well so we came round, did it again and out over the skinny roll top. This too didn't seem a problem for Thomas so we put a few together and rode a nice line.

Here's a little video:

We moved onto the stairs with some roll tops on the top, and over a skinny roll top at the bottom, curving to a tiger trap. It was all good fun. We jumped our first corner, and although the first jump over was a little sticky, the second time Thomas soared it. It was on a difficult angle with the markers in awkward positions so we left that one there. We were able to jump a very narrow barrel to drops. 

Thomas soon tired so we finished off in the water with a couple of small fences after it.

Thomas seemed to enjoy his bath afterwards, especially when he was allowed to graze for about 45 minutes as a treat!!  

We put him back on the wagon, and headed home for us all to have a well deserved rest!

Sunday saw us competing again in Combined Training at Titlington Training & Demonstration Centre... read our next report for details on that!

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