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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Horseware Hypocare

Whether your horse is injury prone or not, this is a must have for any tack box. Not only does it kill 99.99% of pathogens, it also supports natural healing and promote the regrowth of hair. It's also completely safe if your horse decides to have a lick/chew at the wound.

I first discovered Horseware Hypocare when eventing Thomas in 2013. He would strike into his front heel bulbs nearly every event, leaving a sliced split looking wound. These proved difficult to keep clean, and due to the movement of the foot, would sometimes easily open back up. Initially, I did use Savlon anticeptic spray on the wound, which help to keep infection out as well as drying the wound out. However, after two-three days, it needed something to help it heal and close up. Hypocare did just this.

The other time I've used it, also on Thomas, was on girth rubs. Thomas used to really suffer with rubs, not galls, but almost like grazes just in front of the girth where his elbow would rub over it. We used the normal treat of surgical spirit, but this didn't really help. However, if I caught them as soon as they appeared and applied hypocare, they'd be gone in a couple if days, with just the patch of hair missing. The Hypocare here was really good, it helped with it being a sweat prone area as well as assisting with the hair growth.

I've only ever used the generic Hypocare, but Horseware also do versions specially formulated for mud fever, infections and cuts/wounds.

It's a recommended must for anyone to have ready to hand.

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