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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Louie: Four Weeks On

So we've done a lot with Louie in the four weeks that he has been with us, taking into account the freezing weather conditions and dark nights.

Unfortunately, not many photos for this post...

Week one - we spent time getting to know Louie, lunging him every day. Our saddle fitter came out on day two to see if my saddle would be suitable, and it was back with me back day six. Excellent service! As soon as the saddle was back with us, we rode, doing lots of polework.

Week two - still getting to know Louie, we spent most of our ridden time doing flatwork thanks to the lovely indoor arena at our yard, working over poles and wings.

Week three - our first lessons! Saturday brought a short 30 minute showjumping lesson in a new arena away from home. While being very spooky, Louie began to learn to trust me, and listen to go where I told him. We did polework, and a small cross pole. Given a great exercise and tips to work on at home, we were keen to keep going.

Sunday was a flatwork lesson, again away from home in another new arena. Working on the contact, which he picked up very quickly and learnt life is not easier to argue with himself! He went beautifully & we spent some time getting his canter to be lovely and forward.

We worked the rest of the week on the showjumping exercises, proving very valuable. Louie picked up the idea with one or two sessions and is now progressing over a course of small cross poles.

Week four - another showjumping lesson, in another new arena. A short lesson, but with valuable tips and workings for counteracting Louie's greenness and helping him to feel more confident. On the Monday, we had another flatwork lesson, this time at home. Although we hadn't really worked on our flatwork, he progressed instantly from the previous week, showing some really encouraging work. We took the plunge, and have decided to enter a dressage competition to get him out seeing the 'monster' white boards.

It's been a great four weeks with this cracking little horse - I've enjoyed every moment with him. Long may the progress continue.

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