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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Showjumping Lessons

With a busy professional career and competing life of my showjumping coach, it's a rarity that we're able to get a couple of lessons in quick succession, so it was great to be able to get two in three days - one on the Sunday, followed by a lovely afternoon off work on the Wednesday!

Louie is making some great progress, becoming much more confident over coloured poles, really beginning to take me to the fences, and now becoming quick cocky, thinking he knows best.....

Louie having a whale of a time!
These two lessons, we decided to work a little differently - working on me, & only me! Since getting Louie, we've concentrated on improving Louie so much, that it's been a long time since we worked on me and my position.

First stop... Going back to being still and leaving it to Louie. Riding with no legs, and just an elastic contact sounds basic, but when you've been teaching another for a long time, it becomes easier said than done. However, Louie had a whale of a time like this - really thinking for himself and learning to carry on until another instruction.

Going back to small fences, we've begun teaching striding on his own and listening to my seat, voice and very subtle aids.

Louie certainly giving the poles some room

I definitely prefer the way of going riding like this so we'll keep going and keep you posted with our progress.

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