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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Style & Protection with HKM Faux Fur Protection Boots

Combining a stylish boot for the dressage warm up with full leg & overreach protection

Louie wears brushing & overreach boots for all his flatwork, but also when he is out hacking, as well as being booted up with tendon and fetlock boots when he jumps. 

Why? Well, you just never know when accidents happen, but also, you only need to look at the pads of my brushing boots, the backs of my overreaches or the scratches between the tendon and fetlock boots to know he catches his own legs.

So why then have I not worn them when warming up for our dressage classes. And I can't believe I'm going to say this... But no boot is clean unless it's brand new or rarely used. Now that wouldn't be an issue to any horse that doesn't have white socks up to their knees, but spending 30 minutes the day or evening before ensure that they are super white, I don't want to stick a dirty boot on it.

Selfish. I know. 

However, I am so happy that I've found the ultimate product that enables me to protect Louie's legs while warming up, while not marking those lovely long socks and helping us look super stylish as we strut around the warm up ring!

Thanks to Boudica Equestrian we've been able to start using HKM faux fur dressage protection boots coupled with imitation leather comfort overreach boots!

And...it doesn't break the bank! The full set of four protection boots and a pair of overreaches total under £80, and for such a fabulous looking and hard wearing product, I'm quite impressed with that!

HKM White Dressage Protection Boots

First up, let's address any issue with a horse boot that is white... How easy is it to clean? In one word, simple.

They are machine washable at 30 degrees and can go in the dryer straight after, just remember to close all the velcro fastenings when you do come to washing them. 

The boots are both functional and stylish. The are single closing velcro with elastic straps, but it's quite tough elastic with enough stretch to allow movement of the leg but without the boot moving. Speaking of preventing moving, they are anatomically designed so fit snuggly to the contours and shape of Louie's legs. When that's paired with a super luxurious warm faux fur lining, the boots offer increased comfort for your four-legged companion. 

I've had products in the past that have faux fur on them, and after a few intense and pressured uses, the fur goes flat & hard, seemingly providing no comfort or protection. Louie wore the boots in two warm up classes, and the faux fur looked no different after using them that before. They are super soft and thick; there's definitely no scrimping on the lining!

The protection pad on the insides seem equally as hard wearing using imitation leather with a notable extra padded section down the strike zones. I was a little dubious about imitation leather, until I researched and saw MANY protection boots are also imitation leather! But it also serves a purpose when it comes to a white product - it's easy to wipe clean! So even on the days you don't want to stick them in the washer you can keep on top of that super white shiny look that I definitely love! 

I've never had a pair of HKM boots before, so I really wasn't sure how they would measure up on Louie's legs. He's quite a leggy chap, but with his Irish Draught breeding has a good bone but not chunky. I mean you've all seen hundred's of photos of him, so you can see for yourself... The boots come in pairs for use on front or hind so I got a set of mediums for the front legs and large for the hind. Their size guide recommends a small for ponies, medium for cob, large for full and extra large for extra full, so it's pretty standard sizing. Don't be put off if you haven't had fur lined boots before - they look huge due to the fur at the top and bottom but when you try them on they'll sit much more in context for you. 

Each pair will set you back just £25.95...and I couldn't get over this compared to other 'simple' protection boots in the market and then taking into account the added style and lux that these boot give, they really are super value for money!

HKM White Comfort Overreach Boots

As with the protection boots, these overreach boots can be put in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Great news as we all know that the closer to the ground anything white is, the dirtier it gets! Once again, they are also imitation leather, so a simply wipe clean after use will mean that you don't need to wash them after every use though.

Underneath the imitation leather white outer surface is about 5mm protective neoprene to help to that extra layer of strike protection should Louie step on the back of his front feet and (hopefully!) reducing the risk of injury. Neoprene material also has a degree of stretch to it - it wouldn't it was stretchy - so much so that the boots will adapt & move with the horse helping to preventing rubs. 

The boots fasten with a double lock velcro, which around Louie's feet meant that the two ends of the boot met perfectly neatly; no overlaps and no gaps. I got a large for Louie, but sizing ranges from small to XXL for those with bigger or chunkier feet!

Finished off with a faux fur lining around the coronet, these boots are a steal at just £27.95! They offer a good protection and some added style, without the need to take out a small loan to pay for it...

Oh...and they didn't turn on Louie at all! They don't feature a no-turn ball to sit at the back of the foot, but they didn't budge at all. I'm used to picking up overreach boots with this feature so was a little sceptical that they would sit as they should, but I needn't have worried. Whether the fur lining helps, or whether the velcro is less heavy and vertically central... I don't know, but they absolutely did not turn!

Head to Boudica Equestrian to find out more about them...

All the boots came from Boudica Equestrian, where it's free delivery when you spend over £30! 
Don't forget you can get 10% too using code TUNNAH10 meaning that the full set reduces to just over £70! 

Next time you're in the dressage warm up, step out in style and know your horse has all the protection that they need... Just don't make the same mistake as I did when you're not used to wearing boots in the warm up and nearly head in for your test with them still on!!


  1. Love the look of those! I had HKM boots years ago but they disintegrated within 6 months so I haven't used the brand since then... Would be interested to know how long these last!

    1. They seem pretty hardwearing when I pick them up and feel them, pull on the straps and look closely at the stitching. I wanted something that was functional, stylish but that also didn't break the bank, so these fit the brief well! I'd more than recommend...

  2. Oh they're so nice! And lovely they can just go in the washing machine. xx


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