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Sunday, 6 January 2019

Training Report - 06.01.19

Starting our showjumping as we mean to go on...

Well...the title says it all really... Only a few days ago, I published our 2019 goals, in which we were very open about our showjumping and we needed to get over the issues we've got with planks, fillers and water trays.

In fact, this actually just boils down to Louie going where I ask him to and when I ask him to. He needs to trust me and have the confidence that I'm not going to put him anywhere near danger.

Anyway, today we started on that road.

I arrived at Philippa's and while tacking Louie up at the wagon, I explained to her about our hiccups with planks while jumping in between Christmas & the new year, expressing how frustrated I was starting to become as it was now a real issue in that it is holding us back from getting out there competing!!

Philippa is a very good friend, but an even better coach, and I could see her taking it all in, quietly. Her arena has recently had some massive banners installed which previously I've have dreaded because I knew Louie would be a twerp about them, but today was different...

I was super pleased they were there, and I really used them in my warm up to leg yield towards and put a couple of principles into practice that we would later use over jumps & reinforcing to Louie that he CAN have confidence in me!

I rode with shorter reins that normal, not by much, but I kept them short - I've a terrible habit of letting them get long. I also really made sure that Louie was up and into the bridle, working in a good contact and kept him busy so he didn't have miles of space to make his own decision on whether he wanted to go over the "scary" jumps... I was very much swapping who was in control from him to me.

And it worked!

 ...but boy, am I unfit!?!? I was blowing like a cart horse after about 15 minutes jumping! So I guess this is going to help with my fitness goal too, then?!

We're hoping to go back next weekend for another intense session to keep working on the principles we're starting to use, so stay tuned to see how we get on.


  1. Keeping them busy is the best tactic for making sure they stay focused and relaxed imo! You're both looking great in the video x

    1. Thanks Roosa!! The "keeping busy" tactic was certainly off to a good start! X


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