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Thursday, 28 February 2019

February Round Up

February seems to have taken AAAAGES to get through... I'm not sure if it was all the excitement and anticipation of the Regionals at the end of the month, but I think it is the first time I have ever sat down to write a monthly update post where I haven't seen the month flash by in a heartbeat...

So what did we get up to? Well, still lots actually.

A cold snap at the start of the month left us missing out on a weekend of pony parties & playing, but gave us some time at home in the arena which we put to good use while we had Andrew's extra pair of hands for some polework! We've enjoyed a showjumping training session as well as a flatwork session with Cathy, and of course we finished the month off with a FANTASTIC weekend at Morris Equestrian to take part in the Winter Regional 2019.

However, February wasn't only a month filled with happy times, we've also had a couple of blips along the way. During the cold snap, Louie turned exceptionally grumpy...I'm talking ears flat back and telling me to leave him well alone. But oddly, after 15 minutes he was back to his usual self. After three days, I called the vets and a couple of days later, following a gastroscopy, Louie has been found to have grade 3 ulcers in one area of his stomach, with some grade 2 ones on the exit.

I've written a full blog post about being diagnosed with equine stomach ulcers so if you want to find out more, head over and give it a read. Earlier this week (26.02), Louie was given his first Omeprazole injection which he'll now have every Tuesday for the next four weeks, when he'll be re-scoped to see whether there is any improvement in the ulcers. I also changed a couple of things when managing Louie, the most drastic being to give him a decent bucket of Alfa A Molasses free a good 20-30 minutes before working him or travelling him. While I was away at the Regionals, I also gave him a few buckets throughout the day in case he was stressed to help absorb any extra acid.

Gastric ulcers weren't the only hiccup in February... Four days before the Regionals, at a British Dressage training session, Louie looked uneven and we were asked to stopped. After a rollercoaster 24 hours and a visit from the fantastic Phil Dyson at Clevedale Vets, I'm almost 100% confident this is a bridle lameness as Phil found nothing, and on riding Louie twice again before we competed, it didn't present again. If you think that it sounds a bit odd, firstly, it is (!!!) but secondly there's a few reasons why I just couldn't get Louie going into the contact for that training session. Head over to the preparation section of our Winter Regionals round up to find out what it was!

Here we are in our final session at home before we went...

Making the most of the beautiful winter sunshine

Despite a cold start, February has been exceptionally mild with some really beautiful days...perfect for long rides out on a weekend!

It's also meant we've had some FABULOUS photos from our time within the arena too!

How's it going on the blog?

Excellently!! On Monday, we discovered we'd made it as one of Silvermoor's 2019 brand ambassadors. It's a fantastic opportunity to work with such an ambitious brand that started locally to us. We of course are still an ambassador for the super stylish Boudica Equestrian too, and this month I treated myself to the Ella quilted jacket by HKM. It's lightweight but warm and a must-have spring item. It's selling at £63, but don't forget to use TUNNAH10 to save 10%!

And what against my 2019 goals? Well, this month has been slow, with minimum increases to what I reported in January, so I am determined to put back in the effort to grow my accounts. That said, I've managed to reach my Twitter monthly impressions by 3.8k extra already and this will be my 7th post of the month.


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