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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Twitter's BEST Equestrian Hashtags

Twitter is a community that many say is difficult to crack and create success through, however through the years that I’ve had my blog, I’ve found it the reverse to that. It was where I first discovered that there was an equestrian community of all interests, experiences and locations (some across the world!) that all enjoyed chatting about one thing in common – horses and the equestrian lifestyle.

Twitter is all about chatting and conversation. It’s not only a platform that you can sit back and push content out onto. You need to join in too – talking & replying to other, sharing content, creating original tweets, following profiles. You can find my top 12 tips for equestrian twitter success in a post we created previously.

Over the years that I’ve been active on Twitter, I’ve grown a reasonably sized, relevant equestrian audience who all seem to enjoy my content but who also continue to be active themselves, making for interesting conversation around the world on one common topic – equestrianism.

So if you’re just getting started, or want to give your Twitter efforts a little bit more of a boost, take look at where the equestrian conversations are happening… And there is literally one for every night of the week and almost always at 8pm!

Equestrian hashtag no.1 - #HorseHour

Taking place on a Monday evening, HorseHour was created by Amy Frost, who we enjoyed a fantastic Q&A session with a couple of years ago. Amy was full of passion (& still is) with an account that has now amassed almost 30,000 followers!! During #HorseHour there are conversations about all sorts of various equestrian interests and talking points, and Amy has also launched a weekly podcast (available on iTunes and Acast) that invites guest speakers to discuss a number of different topics, whether it’s top great tips from Team GB riders, or hearing from vets on specific areas of common horsecare, or hearing all about natural horsemanship, there is always a variety of podcasts to catch up on whatever your interest.

Head over to Twitter at 8pm every Monday to join in – just added #horsehour to the end of all of your tweets!

Equestrian hashtag no.2 - #EventingHour

A whole hour dedicated totally to the equestrian sport of Eventing!! Although it tends to be manned and managed mostly between 8pm & 9pm on Tuesday evenings, the hashtag is in popular use all week long, so if your tweets are all about Eventing, it’s well worth adding them to the end each time. This hashtag attracts a variety of content, from young horses taking their first steps in the sport, requests for tips, as well as bring some of the top content from across the web to one categorised place on Twitter. It’s a more niche hashtag, with just under 2,000 followers to the profile, but it should mean your relevant content will stand out better! So whether you want to find out a little more about the sport or join in yourself, take your first introduction between 8-9pm every Tuesday!

Equestrian hashtag no.3 - #PonyHour

This hashtag started in 2016 and still remains very active, with almost 5,000 followers to the profile now. But don’t be deceived by its title – it’s not only pony talk! All kinds of equestrian life is tweeted and chatted about. In a couple of years, they’ve reached 5,000 followers and are consistently active during their dedicated hour (9-10pm every Tuesday). It’s well worth checking out their equestrian tweets as there is always a lot going on, even outside of the hashtag hour. What I love most about the @aponyhour handle is that they are super engaged, so if you interact with them, nine times out of ten, you’ll get a response or retweet.

If you haven’t already, give it a go on Tuesday’s at 9pm!

Equestrian hashtag no.4 - #TheDressageHour

#TheDressageHour is literally all about dressage, but don’t, because if dancing around on four hooves isn’t your cup of tea, there still plenty of conversation to be had on a Wednesday evening from 8pm. This hour is hosted by Ros Dobson, someone who I met in my very early days of joining in the equestrian hashtags when I first picked up with Twitter. Whether it’s bringing you the very latest from the equestrian sport of dressage, hearing training & competition reports from those joining in, or sharing top tips from across the web, #TheDressageHour has a lot to offer most equestrians, competitive or not. Although a smaller niche hashtag, it’s very engaging and a friendly place to come for some support if you want to find out more about the great sport that is, Dressage!

Equestrian hashtag no.5 - #HorseChatHour

Possibly the broadest variety of tweets come to you during #HorseChatHour…It really could be anything from the equestrian world – products, services, questions, tips, reviews, equestrian news, anything! It’s hosted by a young equestrian rider, Alanna Clarke, who was also a profile I became familiar with in my early days of blogging and sharing content on Twitter. #HorseChatHour is the place to be between 8pm & 9pm on Thursday nights to hear the latest giveaway, see progress tweets from all sorts of different equestrian disciplines, or literally to just enjoy some horsey chit chat!

Head over to Twitter on a Thursday night from 8pm, where Alanna will happily host all those tweets on #HorseChatHour

Equestrian hashtag no.6 - #TackRoomFriday

Again, this is a fairly generic one of the collection of equestrian themed hashtags, but the best way to describe it is equestrian musings. That’s right, it tries to mimic the banter and conversations you’d have as part of your own local yard. A great idea as many of us miss the yard social side with our working hours, or are based with no other, or very few liveries, so it’s a good way to just stop by (maybe with a G&T) on a Friday night and get into that tack room talk! Best of all, they also look after #TopHorseTweets to try to bring you the very best of what Twitter has to offer from the last week. Running alongside, and handled by the same person, is #ShowjumpingHour, so if you want some very specifically to ping you off the ground, check out all three!

Equestrian hashtag no.7 - #EquineHour

This was my first EVER equestrian hashtag I discovered and took part in – writing a blog following a competition on a Sunday afternoon and then discovering it when tweeting later that night. So for that, I guess I may have to call it my favourite…  Over the years (it started in May 2014!), it’s accrued over 23,000 followers and STILL takes place every Sunday at 8pm. It’s a great second screen activity for while you’re watching Dragon’s Den! #EquineHour tweet all week long, as well as only on Sunday’s so it’s well worth adding to all your relevant equestrian tweets to join in the conversations and get more attention on your content! Next Sunday, when you’re start to feel those back to work blues, make sure you get chatting about your favourite topics – equestrianism!

So there you have it seven of my top equestrian hashtags, almost one for every day of the week – just a Saturday missing.

  • Monday 8pm - #HorseHour
  • Tuesday 8pm - #EventingHour
  • Tuesday 9pm - #PonyHour
  • Wednesday 8pm - #TheDressageHour
  • Thursday 8pm - #HorseChatHour
  • Friday 8pm - #TackRoomFriday
  • Sunday 8pm - #EquineHour

But maybe I’ve missed one or two, so if I have, just add them to the comments below for others to discover!

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