Saturday, 23 June 2018

Buying Horse Supplements Online

Most of us animal lovers will have come across VioVet, mostly for our house pets rather than horses, but recently I discovered that VioVet now stock equestrian products, & that it's quite an expansive range too!

As someone who has always headed to the local tack shop or feed merchants for Louie's feeds and supplements, ordering online was a bit new and I had a few reservations about delivery. I'm very used to buying horse rugs, grooming products and equestrian clothing online, but never feed product. Needing a bit of a top up, I gave it a go...

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Monday, 4 June 2018

Access All Areas: Belsay Horse Trials

Friday lunchtime at work I took on the mission of clearing out my email inbox... A task I'd been putting off for a LONG time. I came across an email from British Eventing that was a couple of weeks old advertising an Access All Areas course running at Belsay horse trials. My plan had been to be out competing British Dressage that day, but with Louie's injury I warmly welcomed the opportunity to take my mind of what I could have been doing & to learn about what actually goes on behind the scenes at an event.

I clicked the link to the British Eventing website to find out more. The course was being run by the Regional Development Officer, Ruth Mousdale, and was free of charge, aimed at riders, non-riders, volunteers and anyone wanting to find out more about the sport. I've often thought about fence judging as I know a couple of people who do it and seem to really enjoy it. While I worry about missing a competitor's number as they fly past or need to oversee a particularly tricky fence and figure out if a combination cross their tracks when all doesn't go smoothly, I really would like to give something back to the sport. After all these events simply would not run if it was not for the volume of volunteers that give their time, effort and enthusiasm.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

May Round Up

Happy times, sad times, high on emotion, but finishing the month positively! It’s literally been a month of two completely different halves 🙈

After what had felt like a very long, cold and wet final winters flurry, we made the most of the warmer evenings and drier weather. Evening hacks across the fields were a given, and we even enjoyed some time schooling outside of the arena, using the cross country warm up field as our quiet space. I find it much more relaxing and refreshing being able to school while out hacking, rather than prancing around the arena. Louie seems to enjoy it much more too! 💙

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Pausing our pony parties...

Pony parties are on pause for usat the moment 😔

Thursday afternoon I got the call that every horse owner dreads... “Louie’s come in from the field and I think you need a vet”

Panic sets in, and I tried as many ways as I could to get as much information so I could to give the vets as much detail as possible when calling. The basic information was that he has what looked like a puncture wound to his chest and that he was on 3 legs in the fields but once walking, seemed to move much better. I got a rough estimation of the size of the wound, but without a closer look, I didn't know how deep it was.