Sunday, 26 March 2017

Bespoke Designs for Equestrians

At the start of March, it was the Christening of one of my friend's son, taking place in a very quaint little chapel in a beautiful rural Northumberland spot. The sun was even shining!

Usually, I'm a real last minute person - dashing around the shops the morning of a birthday or celebration to find a gift, card and the perfect wrapping. I was almost proud of myself to have the organisation to be well prepared for this occasion... 👌

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Inspire with Yogi Breisner

Last weekend  (18th-19th March 2017) we were very lucky to have Yogi Breisner visit Northumberland to hold a demonstration - Bedmax Inspires with Yogi Breisner - in partnership with Northumberland Sport.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Equestrian Bloggers Facebook Group


The equestrian blogging community is larger than I originally thought it was, and there's no easy forum for us all to interact and discuss the world of blogging. I'm a member of 3-4 blogging groups on Facebook, but often find my equestrian niche is just too niche to connect with their members.

As such, I've set up a closed group to bring us all together. The purpose of the group is not simply just to post up links to your blog posts, although there will be opportunity to do this via specific threads.

The main concept behind the group is for knowledge sharing - so anything from people asking for tips & support on reporting on your blog through to more technical question to implement elements like Twitter cards across your blog, for example.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Has Spring, Sprung?

Even on a weekend, I find myself waking up not too long after my weekday alarm goes off... (I really wish I didn't have such a good internal body clock!)

I'd been looking forward to a long relaxing hack all week long, and was gutted on Saturday afternoon to see the rain come over once again. Still at least there was no wind and it was warm...

I opted for a schooling session, and thought I'd go for an early hack on Sunday morning instead...

So glad I did!! We head out with just the glorious spring sunshine & birdsong for company...

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

A-Z of Everyday Equestrian

There's literally 100's of products that we all use everyday, ranging from the common same item in every equestrian kit, through to the unusual & unexpected non-horsey products pulling their weight in the tough equestrian & yard life...

So, for the next 26 days, I'll be posted a different item from my "everyday equestrian" - stayed tune everyday to see what I've given to each letter!

Today's letter is Z!

Let's get started...