Monday, 20 August 2018

PetPlan Equine Area Festival at Northallerton

After being incredibly disappointed that we missed our opportunity to compete in the PetPlan Area Festivals at Alnwick Ford Equestrian during June due to Louie’s fractured humerus, I had decided to enter the Prelim Silver at Northallerton instead. I knew Louie would only be back in work a couple of weeks, he wouldn’t be fit, wouldn’t have had any competition practice, but I wanted to go to give him the experience of going in a bigger arena, with more atmosphere and more going on.


We were fortunate that our monthly flatwork training session with Cathy fell on the Monday leading up to the competition, where, due to the rain, we made good use of the indoor arena mirrors to encourage a higher frame from Louie, as well as working on some shoulder in to straighten the canter. His shoulders were starting to hug the wall or outside track making it appear as if he was bringing his quarters in.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

June Round Up

In one moment I think for the first time ever it’s felt like a long break in between writing my monthly round up... But in another Louie’s rehab seems to be passing much quicker than I anticipated. When the vets said 6-8 weeks before any sort of work can be re-introduced, it seemed a lifetime ago, yet here we are, having just passed the SIX WEEK marker!

I was a bit glum at the start of June, coming to actually realising that we weren’t going to make the Area Festivals that we’d qualified for, as well as having to pull out of a series of other BD and local competitions that we’d put on the calendar...

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Making Fyna-Lite Work of Mucking Out

A job that all non-livery horse owners have to do every day, & for some of us multiple times.. I'm fairly confident that it would be one that we would all eradicate if we could... Mucking out. So an investment in tools, equipment and techniques that make easy work of keeping our horses beds neat & tidy, as well as help us speed up to spend more time pampering our neddies, is a much welcomed thing!

Preference is everything. We all have that favourite yard brush to sweep away every spec of dust possible, or turn into mean machines with a short 'D' handled fork, flying through our straw or shavings beds in no time at all.

Louie is a wet & messy horse in the stable, so a thorough muck out is essential every day, and when he is stabled more, this can often be twice a day. So it was a welcomed message that I received via my blog's online form from Equestrianco, reaching out to find out if I was interested in working with them to support their Fyna-lite forks & gathering reviews on the products.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Buying Horse Supplements Online

Most of us animal lovers will have come across VioVet, mostly for our house pets rather than horses, but recently I discovered that VioVet now stock equestrian products, & that it's quite an expansive range too!

As someone who has always headed to the local tack shop or feed merchants for Louie's feeds and supplements, ordering online was a bit new and I had a few reservations about delivery. I'm very used to buying horse rugs, grooming products and equestrian clothing online, but never feed product. Needing a bit of a top up, I gave it a go...

Thursday, 14 June 2018

"Sometimes the eyes tell more of the story
than the tongue"