Friday, 21 December 2018

Vote for Team Tunnah in the UK Blog Awards 2019!

I am MEGA proud to announce that we have been nominated in TWO categories for the 2019 UK Blog Awards!! 🎉😄

The last few months of blogging have been loads of fun for me, with lots of engagement, input and support from all of you who follow our journey. So to have a recognition within such a high-profile award is truly an honour for me 🙌

We've been nominated in the 'Sports & Fitness' category, as well as the 'Lifestyle' category, and now I really need your vote to help me move to the next stage and become shortlisted for an award!! I promise it will take just one minute of your time, and is literally the click of a button...

So, if you've enjoyed following our journey, please head over and 'click to vote'! 🖱

Thanks, as always, to each and every one of you for being a HUGE part of my blogging journey, showing all the support & love that you have over the years.

Much love,
Sophie ❤️

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Dressage Competition Report - 18.11.2018

As you'll have read, we've stepped up to Novice recently & my main aim before the end of the November was to achieve three 62%+ scores to make sure we have our 2019 PetPlan Area Festival qualification. We already had two scores from our dressage competition at Todburn the week before, so we needed one final score to be qualified. I'm SUPER pleased to say we got it, so why did we leave at the end of the day feeling a little glum?

As well as a competition report, this post will demonstrate how important it is to reflect, take the positives and use a not so good day to create a plan to produce good days!

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Equestrian Christmas Stocking Fillers Guide 2018

It's that time of year again when we're all starting to think we should have started our Christmas shopping a few weeks ago. But panic not...there is still plenty of time to make sure you get that perfect gift for equestrian friends & family. Take a flick through my 2018 gift guide to find those perfect Christmas stocking fillers!

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Dressage Competition Report - 11.11.2018

After a good result at Alnwick Ford Equestrian on Wednesday, I changed my prelim entries at Todburn today to two Novices, setting myself the aim of achieving 62%+ to gain two test results towards PetPlan qualification. Enjoy a read through our latest competition report blog post to see how we got on!

On Friday evening, I took a look at the two tests for the first time... & started to question whether we were ready for the step up. The first test didn't have anything in it that we don't do as part of our training, except maybe a change of canter lead through trot, but the movements seemed to come up thick and fast! I usually enjoy a relaxed ride out the day before a dressage test, but instead on Saturday afternoon I spent 25 minutes in the arena just checking that a couple of our control 'buttons' were wired in correctly. I just ran out of light to enjoy a short ride out afterwards...

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Dressage Competition Report - 07.11.2018

If you've been following us along on social media, you'll know that the back half of October was a bit of downtime for both Louie & I, but heading into November we set ourselves the goal to achieve the remaining points at Prelim Silver that we needed to in order to qualify for the Winter Regionals.

On 1st November, as planned, Louie was fully clipped and started back in work. To be fair, he had only had just under three weeks off, so it wasn't too much to consider when bringing him back into work, and with a big green tick from both the vet and physio, we knew we were good to go! Before I'd even clipped Louie, I entered two long arena tests at Alnwick Ford Equestrian, with the only objective to achieve scores of 66%+ to gain some extra points for that qualification.

Did we do it? Read on to find out...